NEBH Certificate of Sri Onkar Eye & ENT Care Centre

NEBH Certificate of Sri Onkar Eye & ENT Care Centre

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Department Of Ophthalmology

The Ophthalmology department of Sri Onkar EYE & ENT Care Centre focuses on accurate and precise diagnosis of eye conditions and provides treatment with the use of advanced technology in which eye doctor are well skilled and experienced.

The department deals with diseases of eyes which is led by Dr Jaspreet Aggarwal DOMS, DNB (Ophthal). She has also done special training in phaco cataract surgery and a training in lasers in diabetic retinopathy. She has keen interest in cornea & refractive diseases and diabetic retinopathy. The department is well established with latest facilities such as OCT Optical Coherence Tomography: Advanced ZEISS Primus 200 OCT for analysis of Retinal Layers and Optic Nerve for treatment of various retina conditions specially diabetic retinopathy; HFA Humphrey Visual Field Analyser: ZEISS HFA for early detection and treatment of Glaucoma (Kala Motia) and early detection of visual field loss.

Eye Care Facilities

The latest technology and equipment used in the hospital in the EYE department are:

  • Fully automated chair unit with auto refractometer
  • Slit lamp with Applanation Tonometer
  • Field Analysis by Humphrey Analyser (Zeiss)
  • Optical Coherence Tomography OCT (Zeiss Primus 200)
  • TMS-5 (Tomey)
  • Phaco Machine (AMO Compaq)
  • A-scan (BioMedix)
  • Fundoscope (Bosch)
  • Operating Microscope (Takagi)

Cornea and Ocular Surface
(आखों की पुतली)

  • Management of corneal ulcers and infections
  • आँख की पुतली के ज़ख्म व् इन्फेक्शन का इलाज
  • Collagen cross linking (C3R) for Keratoconus
  •  Amniotic membrane Grafting
  • Treatment of ‘DRY EYE’
  • Contact Lens dispensing

Cataract & Refractive Surgeries
(सफ़ेद मोतिया)

  • All types of Indian/ Imported folding intra-ocular lens surgery with stitchless, phaco surgery
  • फेको विधि द्वारा सफ़ेद मोतिया के लिए बिना टाँके के हर प्रकार के देसी/ विदेशी फोल्डिंग लेंस का आप्रेशन
  • TORIC lenses for …..
  • Surgery for complicated cataracts
  • Secondary IOL implantation
  • Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL)
  • Multi Focal Lenses
  • LASIK surgery for spectacle removal
  • चश्मा उतारने के लिए लेसिक लेज़र आप्रेशन

Glaucoma Servicies
(काला मोतिया)

  • Medical management of Glaucoma
  • Trabeculectomy surgery for glaucoma
  • Laser surgery (Iridotomy)
  • Diagnostic investigations (OCT, HFA)

Paediatric & Squint Servicies

  • Allergic eye diseases
  • बच्चों में आँखों की एलर्जी का इलाज
  • Amblyopia management
  • Paediatric Cataract
  • बच्चों में सफ़ेद मोतिया का आप्रेशन
  • Squint Surgery
  • भेन्गेपन का इलाज व् आप्रेशन

Retina Servicies
(आँखों का पर्दा)

  • Medical Management of Diabetic Retinopathy
  • मधुमेह (शुगर) के मरीजों के आन के पर्दे की जाँच, उपचार व् लेज़र द्वरा उपचार
  • Green Laser Treatment for DR
  • पर्दे में खून उतरने का लेज़र द्वारा इलाज
  • ARMD

Oculoplasty Servicies

  • Endonasal DCR surgery for watering eyes (Epiphora)
  • नासूर के लिए दूरबीन द्वारा सफल आप्रेशन
  • Ptosis Lid Surgery
  • पलकों के लिए आप्रेशन
+ Endoscopic DCR
+ AD / TS
+ Cataract Surgery
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