NEBH Certificate of Sri Onkar Eye & ENT Care Centre

NEBH Certificate of Sri Onkar Eye & ENT Care Centre

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Middle ear infection, also called otitis media, can be painful for children. This infection is caused when the fluid draining from your child’s ear gets blocked. This may happen when your child has a cold, allergy, or the flu. The

What is a ruptured eardrum/perforated eardrum? Your eardrum is a thin membrane between your outer and middle ear. Sound waves entering your ear cause the membrane to vibrate. This helps you hear. An injury or infection can cause your eardrum to

Are you looking for sinus treatment in Ambala or Haryana? Do you have a runny nose, stuffy nose, facial pain or pressure, headache, mucus dripping down, the throat (post-nasal drip), sore throat, cough, bad breath? Are you taking antibiotics to

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