NEBH Certificate of Sri Onkar Eye & ENT Care Centre

NEBH Certificate of Sri Onkar Eye & ENT Care Centre

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नाक के अंदर मौजूद सतह की खून की वाहिनियां फटने के कारण नकसीर की समस्या होती है. हालांकि यह एक आम समस्या है. लेकिन यदि बार-बार नकसीर का होना सेहत के लिहाज से ठीक नहीं है. इसका उपचार आवश्यक है. चिलचिलाती

Rupturing of tiny blood vessels inside the nose is the main reason of nose bleeding(Epistaxis). One of the most frightening sites for a parent is to see their child bleed from the nose.

टॉन्सिल्स हमारे भारत में होने वाली सबसे आम समस्याओं में से एक है और ज्यादातर लोगों को पता नहीं होता की दरअसल टॉसिल्स सूजते क्यों हैं? यहां इस लेख में हमने टॉन्सिल्स (Tonsils meaning in Hindi) के बारे में पूरा

We feel proud to announce that Sri Onkar Eye & ENT Care Centre the best ENT hospital in Ambala City has got authorization from the government to conduct the COVID-19 Vaccination program at its premises. We are a full NABH

Ears are critical parts of the body, contributing to both communication and balance. If neglected, these necessary appendages can lead to developmental problems in little ones, from mobility to speech and interaction issues. The remainder of this blog will discuss

Are you looking for Ear wax removal in Ambala? Sri Onkar Eye & ENT Care Centre Offers the most advanced Microscopic assisted ear wax removal technique which gives 100% clean ears without making you uncomfortable

Ear piercing must be done by an ENT specialist only and with proper instruments. The studs must be sterile and made to open just before piercing. You must also make sure to keep the area clean for one to two

Middle ear infection, also called otitis media, can be painful for children. This infection is caused when the fluid draining from your child’s ear gets blocked. This may happen when your child has a cold, allergy, or the flu. The

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